Projects and testimonials

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"Sharon is a fantastic talent and fully embraced the project with professionalism and proficiency.  She took direction well and delivered a performance that was above expectations..."  

                               - Steven Fraser, Anidox Productions

                                 (Voice of Voices)

Voice Overs

"For several months, I'd been working on a small machinima project that turned into quite a large one...(Sharon) read the lines so concisely, fitting to what an emergency broadcast should sound like.  Her dedication to the role and the fantastic quality of her recordings reassured me that I made the right choice.  I highly recommend her!"

                              - M. Yurko, Machinima Artist (Emergency Broadcast)

"...I like what I hear. Thanks for the quick turnaround and good work on this!

          - Fred Greenhalgh for Wondery

"(Sharon)..voiced two characters...She is efficient and her voice range is quite impressive!"

- Nikki Flyn, Anthologies of Ullord (Izar and Cillian)

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IMBD Credit (News Reporter) 

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"It's brilliant!  Danke Shun!

- Emilia De Plater, Chat Noir for Overwritten (Robot Woman)

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